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Galina's Work Experience

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Galina's teaching experience started back in 2000 at Moscow's, internationally known dance school, Jazz O.K. Teaching on the one hand children and teenagers between the ages of 7 and 18 and on the other hand grown ups encompassing amateurs as well as professional dancers. While teaching at Jazz O.K. she received her certification as Personal Trainer at Moscow's University of Sports. 


After returning back to New York in 2002, she was teaching privately and at BallyTotal Fitness. She begann studies with Jennifer DeLuca, a second generation Pilates Teacher in Romana's Pilates lineage and earned her Pilates certification in 2005. 

Galina embraces each client individually and unconditionally, balancing her serious approach with a fun and friendly environment in which the students and their needs are the center and guide the work at hand.

Her approach is steeped in understanding how the body works and functions. Galina's experience as former professional dancer and her studies of anatomy and biomechanics in conjunction with Joseph Pilates's and Pete Egosque's methods aid her to come up with the perfect personalized approach to each clients problems and necessities.

Never stopping in her quest to perfect teaching, Galina continues to attend workshops and training courses with the most highly respected classical Pilates teaches and health professionals.

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Throughout her extended teaching career of over 20 years, Galina worked with a vast variety of clients of all ages. From professional dancers to athletes, from teenagers to retirees and everyone in between, her work focuses on regaining her clients physical balance.

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