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-How long are the sessions?

Your first session will include 10-15 minutes of introduction and about 45-50 minutes of movement.

On average, a private lesson is 1 hour long.

- How many session per week should I have in order to get results?

  I recommend three times a week if this is the only form of exercise you practice. In addition to your classes, you will be given homework, which will help you progress toward your goals.

-What should I wear?

  Please were form-fitting attire that you would typically wear to a gym or yoga. For Men - long shorts and a T-shirt.

  For Ladies - long or medium length sport pants and a t-shirt. Socks or bare feet, your preference. 

- What if I have an injury?

  As long as a doctor has cleared you to exercise, don't worry. During your session we constantly communicate with you to    make sure you are not in pain or feeling uncomfortable. It is absolutely possible to work around the injury.

- What do I need for a Zoom session?

  You may use a computer or mobile device. Aim the camera at your space for training—it is recommended to be in front of the wall space with enough space for the mat in front of  it.

• Download Zoom App, open it "Join meeting":

 • Enter the given ID in my email "meeting ID"

 • Enter given password




- Any other questions? Please ask me:

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