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Geissendoerfer Dorodnova

Galina Dorodnova Geissendoerfer, originally from Moscow, Russia arrived in New York in the fall of 1996 as part of the contemporary Art Ensemble Nellie Show.


She absorbed New York’s dance world immersing herself in Modern, Jazz and contemporary techniques like Leslie Horton, Merce Cunningham and Kevin Winn.


She was awarded a full scholarship and full-time membership in 1999 with the New Dance Group, a Broadway based modern and classical dance company.


At this time she also performed with the Tina Croll Company and Eric Dunlap’s Forward Theatre, participating in the NY Fringe Festival among others.

In 2000, she went back to Moscow for two years to teach at her Alma mater, the Jazz O.K. School of Nicolay Ogryzkov, Modern Techniques and Jazz.


She specialized in teaching kids and young adults, which Jazz O.K. is world-renowned for.

During her teaching career, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the Swedish School Sports Lab at the Moscow Sports University, and studied with Anouk van Dijk modern dance improvisation techniques.

Upon her return to the US in 2002, she first learned about the Pilates’ technique at the Kane School of Core Integration. This proved a pivotal point in her life as she began focusing on the Pilates method

First, she successfully completed a number of workshops at the Kane School of Core Integration. Subsequently, she started studying with master teacher Jennifer DeLuca, ultimately receiving her Pilates Method Teacher Training certification at Body Tonic Gymnasium in 2007. This school traces its methodology directly to Romana Kryzanowska, the favorite student of Joseph Pilates himself. 


In her private practice she started teaching people of all ages and body types, even working with physically impaired people, in addition to teaching at Body Tonic and Bally Total Fitness.

In 2009, she moved to Las Vegas. Here, she became the senior Pilates Trainer at Cirque du Soleil, teaching the Pilates method and more to Circus artists at multiple resident Cirque du Soleil productions. This experience and its unique demands fascinated her, as trained bodies have very different physical challenges than ordinary people. It deepened her understanding of the body and she started integrating all the different methods she acquired creating a very personal and brilliant approach to the Pilates Method. 


Never resting on her laurels, she continued her Pilates studies with masters Elena Bartley, Nicole Briggs, Ken Heizman, Dena Drotar Moses Urbano, Chris Robinson and the wonderful Kathi Ross-Nash. 


Building on her new vision and to perfect her analytical abilities, she successfully certified in 2018 in the Biomechanics Method by Justin Price and Mary Batcher, and in Pete Eqoscue’s Method in 2020. 

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