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Client Testimonials

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The short version is working with Galina for the last three years has been completely life changing. My wife had already worked with Galina for a few years when she convinced me to try Pilates.

At the age of 58, I was completely hunched over after decades of working behind a computer and had little core strength. Knowing she was a former professional dancer and trained circus performers and acrobats in Las Vegas, I was intimidated at first, but Galina has a way of being able to meet you wherever you are and build from there. Not long after starting Pilates, I was diagnosed with Lupus—of all things—which presents itself with painful and debilitating inflammation in different parts of the body. Many people with Lupus just give up on fitness, but Galina really understands the mechanics of the body, teaching me how to work around the parts that hurt. I never missed one of our sessions just because I was in pain.


In addition to the science of body mechanics, Galina has an incredible intuitive connection with her clients. We do a body inventory before beginning each session, but she always seems to know what part is giving me trouble before I even tell her. We work hard and she is a tough trainer, but I love every minute of it. She has completely transformed my body and at the age of 61, I am the strongest and most fit I have ever been (short of the indestructibility of youth). I get compliments on my posture which make me laugh as that has NEVER in my life happened before.


In March of 2020 I had a setback and required open heart surgery to repair a broken valve, probably from the Lupus. We trained like Rocky Balboa to prepare for this adventure and that is exactly how I experienced my first surgery. It was the wildest most amazing adventure ride I ever had. My surgeon told me that mental attitude is the key factor in a good outcome but having the core strength to be mobile while my upper body was completely useless was huge. Just being able to sit up in bed on my own and isolate my core without engaging my upper body made all the difference in the world. He said he would have me walking in 48 hours and I told him I would be dancing—and dance I did.


Despite serious complications, and flatlining 3 days after surgery, the medical team said my recovery trajectory was off the charts. Thank you, Galina! After having my chest cracked wide enough for 4 fists to work, I had to take some time off to heal. I lost a lot of strength in the process, which was expected, but after 8 weeks we started building it all back again. Little by little, through Lupus flares and on Zoom because of Covid lockdowns, we worked and worked. Now 8 months after surgery, I think I am stronger than before and I am not even fully healed yet. Again, thank you Galina.


Classical Pilates method is what Galina teaches, not Pilates-style exercises. Over the years I have learned there is a difference and that not all Pilates trainers are alike. Galina’s dedication, hard work, on-going training, intuition, and her passion to help others is not so easily found, even if one looks diligently. She is a jewel that only a fortunate few are able to experience and I am forever grateful to be one of the lucky ones.

 Micah Bleecher

“I have been a student of Galina’s for 5 or 6 years now. She has helped me through multiple orthopedic surgeries with both shoulders, neck and hands, and her training and assistance has had a huge impact on my life. In addition to classical Pilates, Galina has completed training in other modalities like Egoscue training. She has taken me far beyond what I could do in physical therapy by recognizing that I do NOT need to work on the parts of my body that do not function well. Instead she has focused on my core and spine and has given me techniques to handle chronic pain and support my continued progress in Pilates and functional movement. I would not have been able to progress without her training and am eternally grateful for what she has taught me.”



Maria Bleecher

I’ve had access to Galina and her amazing pilates talents for the past 5 years. I’m an acrobat of 20+ years, with experience, training, performing and competing at an international championships level. Galina’s knowledge and understanding of the body goes beyond a pilates instructor. I would put more faith in her than some physiotherapists I’ve been seen by. She’s tough, with a humorous side, which makes her sessions not only enjoyable, but you walk away feeling taller, aligned and pain free. I hands down give her 5 stars always, and I’m a tough one to impress or please. I can’t speak more highly of her, her knowledge, technique or expertise. I wish there were more of her in the pilates world.

Lena Grzegolec

Cirque du Soleil performer 38yrs old.

At 65 years of age, Galena reintroduced me to the muscles in my body.  She taught me how to engage the correct muscles when I move.  Instead of using my elbow when I chop vegetibles, I engage my shoulder muscles.  Instead of using my back when I hit a forehand in tennis, I use my legs. And most importantly, she taught me how to use my core muscles when I lift those pesky grocery bags.


And she made it fun!   We laugh.  Galena made my exercise experience joyful.

“Galina helped me understand how to hold my body. as a performer, What she taught me will serve me well for the rest of my life. Different pain areas I had in my body were solved after my work with her and learning to strengthen, stretch and hold my joints in the correct position. I finally understand my core, and how I should be using my abs.

Thank you Galina!!”

Kaity Mussio

"Galina's methodology and philosophy totally changed the way I perceive and use my body as a performer and athlete. She helps me time and time again tap into an awareness of my physical self that I only wish I had learned to access sooner! Her classes have undoubtedly allowed me to stay healthy and to extend my career as an acrobat."

Kent Caldwell 

Galina is an excellent trainer. Very knowledable in how the body connects and moves. She can just look at you, and know what is wrong and how to fix it. Her workouts are excellent. Top of the line. Your body will feel AMAZING after her workouts. Stretched, longer and straighter.

Eloise Rubinstein


I first started Pilates back in 2015 with Galina and I have been training with her ever since. 

She truly is a unique gem within the vast Pilates community of Las Vegas. 

Her generosity and her dedication is rarely equaled and her extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and original Pilates method have made me progressed so fast I couldn’t believe it !

As a professional dancer, I used to need to get a chiropractic alignement very frequently but the discovery of the method thanks to 

Galina’s teachings have revolutionized the way I moved and cured long time lasting injuries and pains.

I am forever grateful to have found her and wish everyone could experience training with her.

They definitely would feel, thanks to her precise cueing, the restorative benefit and conditioning effects of the Pilates method  within just 5 minutes of lifting your arms up and down ! 


Alexis Ochin.

I want to thank you for all I learned from you these last five years. 

You are the kind of teacher we can not forget, because there is a before and an after Galina.

My body thanks the teacher

And my heart thanks the unique person that you are 

I'm waiting for you in France

Take care of yourself 




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