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What is Pilates?  It is the name of a man Joseph Pilates, and his genius Method applied to gain control over the body.  

What is Egoscue?  It is also a name and a Method used to get to know the body, to understand why there is pain and how to find a way to rid the body of pain. Both methods work together well; they complement one another.  Egoscue helps us to understand our body and realize that the body actually has a life of its own, one that we are not aware of.

During our life, our body develops certain ways of moving. We don’t become aware of this until we are injured or develop some weird pain caused by repetitive movement in daily or professional behaviors, habits.  These repetitive patterns of movement---both at home and at work---cause wear and tear to our biological vehicle. 


During my professional life both as a personal trainer and a Pilates instructor, I have learned to see my job as your body mechanic.  My job is to bring your biological vehicle back on track.

Typical fitness training and workout patterns only exacerbate this by strengthening our strong muscles thus throwing our bodies out of original balance more and more. My idea of training and workouts is geared towards relaxing the outside musculature in order to activate the core muscles. 

Core musculature is the deep musculature of the body which is located close to bones. It is our center. These are the muscles, which we are not aware of , because we do not feel them. In order to get to to feel and train these groups of muscles we need to understand how they work. We need to understand the mechanics of our body's movements.  Our body is an amazing biological vehicle, where all muscular systems are working as a team according to the sustained balanced manner. Throughout the course of our life, our body is constantly changing because of the movement patterns we develop.  These patterns, some stronger, some weaker, throw the body out of balance. The outside musculature becomes stronger and the core musculature weakens up.

In the Pilates method, a connection is established between the mind and the body so that the larger outside muscles learn to relax thus enabling the smaller, inside core muscles to strengthen.

Joe Pilates designed wonderful Apparatus to facilitate the development of this muscle balance, so a person engages the mind while using the equipment to achieve the desired balance of outer and inner muscles. The Apparatus facilitates proper body alignment.  This is achieved by the direct feedback the equipment gives to the body, thus without words, the body learns proper alignment bringing it towards symmetry. This is the genius of the man - Joe Pilates: exercises and equipment that speaks directly to the body maximizing the body’s natural communication between the outer strong and weaker inner musculature. 

What to do if some chronic pain in joints is an obstacle to exercise, and doctors are saying "it is - what it is"?

This is where the technique created by Pete Egoscue comes into play. Egoscue helps the body to find the gravity and to release tightness in curtain muscles, helping to release misalignments of bone structures. Because of unbalanced mechanics, the balance in movement of the bones and joints is disturbed. In order to bring the person to the correct movement we need to bring the idea of balanced body though relaxation of tight, and activation of weak musculature, activating muscles which were not used much before. Think of it as an elastic band.  In order to create an explosive force the band needs to relax 100% before it expands. This is how 100% muscle capacity is achieved: relax the muscles to get them working 100%.
With understanding by the person what means to be correctly aligned, we can bring the body to the center much quicker.  Without understanding of the symmetry, exercising is not always benefiting the person but very often harming.  
  The design of both Methods helps body to become better aligned and better balanced, helps to get rid off existing compensations and dysfunctions.
When I see my client, I see what this particular body needs today. 
I am using Egosque Method to correct and release present tightness, and then move this body alone the Pilates choreography, in order to bring the whole system in the end of the class, towards the square balanced  relaxed and at the same time invigorated feeling.  From one session to another my client starts to feel different, longer stronger and definitely more balanced. 


Awareness of your own body

and the sense of Centering

turns your "life clock" back

and you become

younger and stronger from year to year.

Pain management with Contrology & Egosque | BodyTechPilates | Las Vegas

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